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Birgit Kellner birgit.kellner at oeaw.ac.at
Fri Jan 15 15:43:09 UTC 2016

Dear colleagues,

the following volumes that were recently published by the Austrian
Academy of Sciences Press within the series "Beiträge zur Kultur- und
Geistesgeschichte Asiens" may be of interest to Indologists:

WALRAVENS, Hartmut; STACHE-WEISKE, Agnes: Anton Schiefner (1817–1879)
und seine indologischen Freunde. Seine Briefe an die Indologen Albrecht
Weber (1825–1901), Rudolf Roth (1821–1895) und William Dwight Whitney
(1827–1894) sowie den Indogermanisten Adalbert Kuhn (1812–1881)

MATHES, Klaus-Dieter: A fine Blend of Mahāmudrā and Madhyamaka.
Maitrīpa's Collection of Texts on Non-conceptual Realization (Amanasikāra)

GRAHELI, Alessandro: History and Transmission of the Nyāyamañjarī.
Critical Edition of the Section on the Sphoṭa

HOLTEN PIND, Ole: Dignāga's Philosophy of Language.
Pramāṇasamuccayavṛtti V on anyāpoha, Part 1 und Part 2

Please visit the website of the Press for more detailed information, and
to order:


For review copies, please contact the AAS Press directly at
verlag at oeaw.ac.at .

With best regards,

Birgit Kellner

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