[INDOLOGY] New Publication: Third edition of ‘Mahāvīrī Vyākhyā’ on ‘Hanumān-Cālīsā’

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Dear list members,

Please pass this on to those who may be interested.

The third edition of the Hindi commentary *Mahāvīrī* on the
*Hanumān-Cālīsā* has
been recently published and will be released today. The book details follow

*Book Details*
Title: श्रीहनुमान्-चालीसा—महावीरी व्याख्या
Title in IAST: *Śrīhanumān-Cālīsā—Mahāvīrī Vyākhyā*
Description: Third edition of the *Mahāvīrī* commentary by Svāmī
Rāmabhadracārya on the *Hanumān-Cālīsā*. Originally authored in one day in
the year 1983, the *Mahāvīrī* commentary was acclaimed as the ‘best
explanation of the *Hanumān-Cālīsā*’ by Dr. Ram Chandra Prasad in his
dual-language translation of the *Rāmacaritamānasa* (Delhi: Motilal
Banarsidass, ISBN 978-81-208-0443-2, p. 849, footnote 1). The book offers
meanings of specific words, translation, and commentary for all the 43
verses of the *Hanumān-Cālīsā*. The third edition is newly typeset in
XeLaTeX using ChanakyaPro and Charis SIL fonts, and comes with three
appendices: a hemistich index, a word index, and the *Āratī* of Lord
Language: Hindi
Author: Padma Vibhushan Jagadguru Rāmānandācārya Svāmī Rāmabhadracārya
Editors: Dr. Ramadhar Sharma and Nityanand Misra
Book design: Nityanand Misra
Typesetting: Nityanand Misra
Cover art: Bhanwarlal Girdharilal Sharma (1924–2007), painter and exponent
of Rajasthan art
Publisher: Niraamaya Publishing, Mumbai
ISBN-13: 978-81-931144-1-4
ISBN-10: 81-931144-1-8
Book type: Paperback
Binding: Perfect binding with section sewing
Book size: Metric demy 8vo (138 mm x 216 mm)
Number of pages: 104 (x + 94)
Number of plates: One
Inside paper: 80 gsm acid-free natural shade maplitho paper
Cover paper: 300 gsm Sinar art paper
Plate paper: 170 gsm Sinar art paper
Finishing: Matte thermal lamination on outside cover
Weight: Approx 150 grams
Price: INR 120 in India, USD 4 outside India (excluding shipping) The book
will be available at a special discounted price of INR 50 at Prem Nagar
Ashram, Haridwar, till January 20.

*Sample pages*
Preview: Click here <http://npsbooks.com/hcmhindiflip/>
Downloadable PDF: Click here
<http://npsbooks.com/upload/2016_SR_HCMV_sample.pdf> and see attached

*Availability in India*
Offline: The book is being distributed by India Book House and will be
available at major Hindi bookstores in big cities of India by mid-February.
Online: Available from Amazon India <http://www.amazon.in/dp/8193114418>
 and the publisher <http://www.npsbooks.com/mahavirihindi>

*Availability outside India*
As of now, there are no plans for the book to be made available in
bookstores outside India. Readers can get in touch with the publisher to
order online.

Thanks, Nityanand

Nityānanda Miśra

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