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Dear Harry,
Asko Parpola discussed "the primary meaning and etymology of the sacred
syllable Om" in 1981 (in Studia Orientalia 50: 195-213) and summarizes his
theory of its (proto-)Dravidian origin together with other "fairly
convincing examples of Dravidian loanwords" in his recent book The Roots of
Hinduism - The Early Aryans and the Indus Civilization, OUP 2015 pp.
Hans Henrich Hock's 1991 article "On the origin and early development of
the sacred Sanskrit syllable om" appeared in *Perspectives on Indo-European
language, culture, and religion:  Studies in honor of Edgar C. Polomé*
Best, Jan


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On 4 January 2016 at 04:53, Harry Spier <hspier.muktabodha at gmail.com> wrote:

> Dear list members,
> First thank you to all the list members who sent me the articles on Om I
> needed.
> Secondly do any of the vedic specialists have a translation of verse 2.13
> from the Vajasaneyi Samhita. My understanding from Keiths article is that
> this is the earliest explicit occurance of Om in the literature. Also my
> understanding is that Griffiths translation of the Vajasaneyi Samhita can't
> always be trusted.
> The verse 2.13 :
> máno jūtír juṣatām ā́jyasya bŕ̥haspátir yajñám imáṃ tanotu \
> áriṣṭaṃ yajñám̐ sám imáṃ dadhātu víśve devā́sa ihá mādayantām ó3ṃ prá tiṣṭ
> ha \\
> Thanks,
> Harry Spier
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