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> ​...​
> Me too.  ​I would also be interested in any studies of the presumably
> related term *prasaṅkhyāna* (= "*sattvapuruṣānyatākhyāti*" PYŚ) that is a
> keyword in the *Pātañjalayogaśāstra*. ​ I am aware of
> Endo, K. Mayeda, S.; Matsunami, Y.; Tokunaga, M. & Marui, H. *(Eds.) "*Prasaṃkhyāna
> in the Yogabhāṣya" in *The Way to Liberation: Indological Studies in
> Japan,* Manohar Publishers & Distributors, 2000, 75-89.
> ​Best,
> Dominik​

Dear Dominik

See pp. 74–80 of Jonathan Bader's *Meditation in Śaṅkara's Vedānta*.
There he
- contrasts *prasaṅkhyāna* with the almost synonymous term *pratisaṅkhyāna*
(famously the topic of the third chapter of Śaṅkara's *Upadeśasāhasrī*)
- discusses the use of the term *prasaṃkhyāna* in classical Yoga, Advaita
Vedānta and Kālidāsa.

*khyāti* in *sattvapuruṣānyatākhyāti* of course has a different sense from
that which it has in the *khyātivāda* that Matthew was speaking of:
erroneous cognition in the latter, correct cognition/discernment in the

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