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Dear Friends,

Mostly just for a bit of fun I am translating a video of a friend's yoga
class from her website into Sanskrit. Having transcribed her instructions I
am now in the process of translating it. This is also part of a larger
(side)-project to look at the 'grammar of yoga classes'. I am trying to
build up a corpus of linguistic material from yoga classes. I will
eventually add to the video transliterated subtitles and a dubbed audio
channel as well.

My question for the list is: how you might translate *plié, *as in a *plié
squat <https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yNKVK2axeNI>. *

Below are some terms for 'squatting' in spokensanskrit.de, but I'm curious
to know if there is a more closer way to translate it than the options

उत्कुटक utkuTaka
adj. *squatting*
पर्यङ्कबद्ध paryaGkabaddha
adj. *squatting*
पल्यङ्क palyaGka
m. *squatting*

I'm wondering if there is a *bhāratanāṭyam* term that might get closer. My
current choice is: *arrai mandi*, however, as someone who has 0% knowledge
of Tamil, I'm not sure if I have transliterated this correctly OR if it is
the best choice of dance positions that represents a *plié* squat.

Thanks in advance.

All the best,

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