[INDOLOGY] Böhtlingk reference

Jürgen Neuß jneuss at makroskop.de
Wed Dec 14 07:46:25 UTC 2016

Dear Friends,

in vol. 5 of the PW I find a reference "Verz. d. Oxf. H.". I have looked
into the Lists of Abbreviations found in the volumes of the PW, but I am
unable to locate this one.
I first thought only Aufrecht's 1859 "Catalogus codicum manuscriptorum
sanscriticorum postvedicorum quotquot in Bibliotheca Bodleiana
adversantur" could be meant, but I can't find in it what I was looking for
or what Böhtlingk/Roth referenced. Apparently, Böhtlingk refers to another
catalogue, but I am unable to find out which one; and the www does not
help either.

I thought that perhaps someone on the list could enlighten me with ease?



Dr. Jürgen Neuß
Zwinglistr. 40
10555 Berlin

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