[INDOLOGY] CFP ‘Communicating Jainism’, EASR 2017 (KULeuven, 18-21 September 2017)

Tillo Detige tillo.detige at ugent.be
Tue Dec 13 14:58:41 UTC 2016

We invite contributions for a panel proposal to be submitted for the *EASR
conference*, *KULeuven, 18-21 September 2017 *(kuleuvencongres.be/easr2017
<http://www.kuleuvencongres.be/easr2017>). In keeping with the conference
theme (*‘Communicating Religion’*), we propose to convene a multi-session
panel under the title* ‘Communicating Jainism: The media, the messages’.*

A minority tradition of South Asia, Jainism is generally acknowledged to
have extended much influence upon neighbour traditions throughout the
centuries, and has vice-versa also adopted much practices from the latter.
As is well noted in scholarship, Mahāvīra, the prince-turned-renouncer and
near contemporary of the Buddha, and the countless, liberated *jina*s who
preceded him, are ontologically ‘absent’ and therefore ritually
unresponsive. This renders particularly clear the self-reflexive nature of
the veneration of the *jina* and of Jaina praxis in general. This panel
aims to explicitly study the Jaina tradition(s) as sets of techniques
through which individuals seek to transform themselves and others. These
‘technologies of the self’ include embodied practices which take place *outside
of* or *prior to* rationalization (ritual, story-telling, meditation,
etc.), but also discursive, philosophical activities. In our understanding,
it is precisely the handing down of these practices to new generations
which constitutes tradition. The papers in this panel therefore propose to
study such methods of teaching and learning (the diverse ‘media’), as a
counterbalance to the continued scholarly penchant to focus on disembodied
‘messages’ (beliefs, doctrines, philosophies). Current paper proposals deal
with medieval story literature (more specifically, Amitagati’s 11th century
*Dharmaparīkṣā*), novel online and new media practices, and the
epistemological priority of embodied techniques in the engineering of Jaina

*Further contributions are invited which focus on the generative channels
of communication of the Jaina tradition(s) in any given era, and from any
disciplinary or methodological perspective.*

The (extended) conference deadline for panel proposals set for 31st of
December 2016, we expect a *title and abstract (200-300 words)* no later
than *23rd of December*. An earlier expression of interest would also be
greatly appreciated.

On behalf of the conveners,

Tine Vekemans (UGhent),

Heleen De Jonckheere (UGhent),

Tillo Detige (UGhent, tillo.detige at ugent.be).

Tillo Detige <http://www.jainastudies.ugent.be/TilloDetige>
Indian Languages & Cultures
Faculty of Arts & Philosophy

Ghent University

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