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It is with great sadness to report that Dr Satya Ranjan Banerjee, formerly
Professor at the Department of Linguistics of the University of Calcutta,
has passed away. He was one of the foremost scholars of Prakrit and
Jainology of his generation and has taught numerous students from all over
the world in India and abroad.

Amongst the inluential of his countless publications are: A Skeleton
Grammar of Prakrit attributed to Jiva Gosvami (1963), (ed.) The
Prākṛta-Prakāśa of Vararuci, Text Edited for the First Time with a New
Commentary entitled Prākṛta-pāda-ṭīkā by Nārāyaṇa Viydāvinoda (1975), The
eastern school of Prakrit Grammarians : a linguistic study (1977), A
bibliography of Prakrit language (1977), Prākṛtādhyāya: The Prākr̥ta
book of the Samkṣiptasāra (1982), Indo-European Tense and Aspect in Greek
and Sanskrit (1983), A Handbook of Sanskrit Philology (1987), (ed.) Essays
on Indo-European Linguistics: Proceedings of the Seminar on Indo-European
Linguistics held on 1-2 February 1986 (1990), Jainism in different states
of India (2001), Prolegomena to Prakritica et Jainica (2005), (ed.)
Narrative Tale in Jain Literature (2008).

He will be dearly missed by all of us.

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