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Dear Ale,

Thank you so very very much for your help!!!!! 

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> On 7 Dec 2016, at 20:43, Alessandro Battistini <alessandro.battistini at> wrote:
> Sar,
> Here you can find the requested article. Hope other members of the list may find it useful.
> Best
> Alessandro Battistini
> Gonda fellow, IIAS Leiden
> 2016-12-06 19:24 GMT+01:00 Andrey Klebanov <andra.kleb at>:
>> Dear members of the list,
>> I would be very thankful if anyone would be able to share a pdf of the following article (mentioned in Minkowski’s contribution to the Śāstrārambha-volume):
>> V. Varadhachari “A note on the maṅgalavāda of the Nyāya-Vaiśeṣika school”, Adyar Library Bulletin 26 (1962) 28-35
>> As far as I could see, the concerned volume of the bulletin is lacking from the DLI.
>> In fact, I would be most thankful for any further bibliographic reference to the above topic as well.
>> thanks a lot in advance,
>> Andrey
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