[INDOLOGY] Mayrhofer's EWA

George Thompson gthomgt at gmail.com
Tue Dec 6 20:46:04 UTC 2016

Dear List,

In a recent paper that I have written I discuss the verbal root mimaati2
'bellows, roars, bleats', etc. In a footnote I cite Mayrhofer's EWA on this
root.  The copy editor wants a full citation, which includes page number.
Unfortunately my set of EWA is temporarily in a storage unit and I don't
have easy access to it.

This verbal root would be in the second volume of EWA, of course.  Could
some kind member who has EWA at hand please tell the page where this root
is discussed?  I am dealing with a very ardent copy editor who is
unfamiliar with our Vedic short references to standard works.

Copy editors!

Thank you all in advance,


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