[INDOLOGY] who is the deity on the photograph?

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Agricultural offeings are made to Durgaa too. See D.P.Chattopadhyay,
Lokayata, chapter on Gauri. She has ten hands but rides a lion. So does
Jagaddhaatrii who has four hands and is a form of Durga in common belief.
The six hands are uniknown to me.

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> Dear INDOLOGY members,
> Can anybody tell us the name of the deity on the attached photograph, and
> the festive occasion for which the offerings have been prepared (also
> taking the month of the year into account)?
> The photograph was taken in New Delhi, India, March 2007.
> The offerings include pottery with sprouted Barley (*Hordeum vulgare*), a
> decorated coconut (*Cocos nucifera*) and flowers of several plants.
> Sprouting barley has also been documented in Calcutta (november 2014),
> where it is offered for sale as germinated grain and as seedlings in
> pottery, similar to the one on the photo.
> I am asking this question on behalf of the author of the photograph, René
> Cappers. He is currently preparing a book on traditional agriculture
> practices and food preparation.
> With kind regards and thanks in advance for your help,
> Roelf Barkhuis
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