[INDOLOGY] Ananya Vajpeyi on Hindutva, caste, and Brahminical values

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> Similarly, Tufail ignores what Sonia Faleiro (see her Op-Ed in the New
York Times) and others have been pointing out for some time: that the
frequency of attacks on scholars, writers, and religious minorities has
increased observably since the installment of the current BJP government,

Dear Tyler,

While we may differ in our views, I would like to know if the statement
that the frequency of attacks has observably increased since May 2014 is
based on a direct source, e.g. statistics on incidents charged with
corresponding sections in the Indian Penal Code (IPC) as reported by the
National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) of India? Or is it based on indirect
sources like proportion of news coverage or number of editorials written on
certain specific events?

If the former, I would be interested in seeing the data myself. If the
latter, there is a possibility the conclusion may be different when we look
at the actual data.

I am reminded of similar news coverage late last year and earlier this
year, when there was a spate of news articles and editorials suggesting
that incidents targeting churches in Delhi were a part of a pattern of
rising intolerance under the new government. Most news sources did not
report comparative statistics from previous years or statistics of
incidents targeting other religious places. One weekly source, The Sunday
Standard (published by the New Indian Express Group), did; and here is the
article in which data showed a different picture:

This article was referred by Rupa Subrahmanya in her article Crying wolf:
The narrative of the ‘Delhi church attacks’ flies in the face of facts
published in February 2015 by Firstpost:

Kind regards, Nityanand

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