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Dear Alessandro,

If you're collecting proverbs that say "Even Brahma..." there's this, which sums up a 
magnificent story of love, politics, and social and theological subversion:

suprayuktasya dambhasya brahmApy antaM na gacchati | kauliko vizNurUpeNa rAjakanyAM 
nizevate ||

"Even Brahma does not get to the bottom of a well-conducted fraud: the weaver in the form 
of Vishnu cohabited with the princess."

(Purnabhadra's version of the Pancatantra (J. Hertel, The Panchatantra: A Collection of 
Ancient Indian Tales in the Recension called Panchakhyanaka, Cambridge, MA (USA), 
Harvard University Press, 1908, p.46) 


Dermot Killingley

On 2 Oct 2015 at 10:36, Alessandro Battistini wrote:

Dear Members of the list, 

In Kayyaa's commentary to the Devi´sataka (v.1) I have come across the following 
expression: krodhavtasau kamate na dhatu ("the one who is overcome by rage doesn't 
forgive even Brahma", or something like that). This half-´sloka is quoted to strengthen the 
idea that Brahma is the non plus ultra of something ("if even Brahma doesn't know, who else 
I assume this is the second part of some wise saying, or a reference to some laukikanyaya: 
is any of you able to trace the missing part/the source of this proverb, or point me to similar 
sayings concerning Brahma? Thank you!
Alessandro Battistini 
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