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Alessandro Battistini alessandro.battistini at uniroma1.it
Fri Oct 2 08:36:33 UTC 2015

Dear Members of the list,

In Kayyaṭa's commentary to the *Devīśataka *(v.1) I have come across the
following expression: *krodhāvṛtāsau kṣamate na dhātuḥ *("the one who is
overcome by rage doesn't forgive even Brahmā", or something like that).
This half-*śloka* is quoted to strengthen the idea that Brahmā is the non
plus ultra of something ("if even Brahmā doesn't know, who else will?").
I assume this is the second part of some wise saying, or a reference to
some *laukikanyāya*: is any of you able to trace the missing part/the
source of this proverb, or point me to similar sayings concerning Brahmā?
Thank you!


Alessandro Battistini
PhD Candidate
Sapienza Università di Roma

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