[INDOLOGY] Fw: Yāska's Nirukta - Digital editions and word lists

Dan Lusthaus yogacara at gmail.com
Mon Nov 23 20:07:26 UTC 2015

Dear Martin,

For some reason GRETIL no longer carries Yāska. I saved a copy that used to be there, which I am attaching. Since it marks word boundaries with periods e-searches have to be careful.

Lakshman Sarup's edition and translation is quite readable.

L. Sarup. The Nighaṇṭu and the Nirukta. Motilal Banarsidass (numerous rpts)

The following discuss Yaska in detail, primarily evaluating his etymologies from the perspective of modern 'scientific' etymologies:

Siddheshwar Varma. The Etymologies of Yāska. Hoshiarpur: Vishveshvanand Institute Publications, 1953
Hannes Skold. The Nirukta: Its place in old Indian Literature and Etymologies. Lund, London, Paris, Oxford, Leipzig, 1926

I'm unaware of e-editions of those.

Dan Lusthaus

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  Dear Friends, 

  I am searching for digital editions of Yāska's Nirukta (both the source text and any translations done till date) and any other digital material in this light (word lists with definitions as given in any translations/commentary and so forth).

  With much appreciation in advance,

  Martin Gluckman


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