Re: [INDOLOGY] Snellgrove's map and iconography of astral deities in Kathmandu -- Chuṣyā Bahāl and Pinchẽ Bahāl

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Fri Nov 20 18:18:25 UTC 2015

Dear Bill,

According to the geo coordinates of both the shrines are:
27.43' 2.0820'' N, 85.19'26.2560 E. Look at the map there.



PS. Thank you very much, once more, for your comments (and translation) re
the proportion 63::64 found in the Sphujidhvaja's Yavanajataka.


2015-11-20 17:38 GMT+01:00 Bill Mak <bill.m.mak at>:

> Dear colleagues,
> Would anyone be able to share a pdf copy of Snellgrove, D.L. 1961. Shrines
> and Temples of Nepal. 2 parts. Arts Asiatiques, VIII/1: 3-10; VIII/2:
> 93-120? In particular, the map on pp.117 would be immensely helpful for me
> to locate the two temples in Kathmandu, Chuṣyā Bahāl and Pinchẽ Bahāl.
> I am now in Kathmandu and I plan to make a visit to the two temples to
> examine the wood carving of the astral deities, ie saptagraha and other
> dhārāṇī deities. They were discussed in articles by Mevissen (2006) and
> Bühnemann (2006/2014). Pictures of the sculptures were partially published
> in works by Kooij and Mevissen. I will try to take photos of all the
> deities and look at them in greater details. Please let me know if you have
> any more information on them or if you would like to see the photos, if I
> manage to locate them!
> Best regards,
> Bill Mak
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