[INDOLOGY] Snellgrove's map and iconography of astral deities in Kathmandu -- Chuṣyā Bahāl and Pinchẽ Bahāl

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Dear colleagues,

Would anyone be able to share a pdf copy of Snellgrove, D.L. 1961. Shrines and Temples of Nepal. 2 parts. Arts Asiatiques, VIII/1: 3-10; VIII/2: 93-120? In particular, the map on pp.117 would be immensely helpful for me to locate the two temples in Kathmandu, Chuṣyā Bahāl and Pinchẽ Bahāl.

I am now in Kathmandu and I plan to make a visit to the two temples to examine the wood carving of the astral deities, ie saptagraha and other dhārāṇī deities. They were discussed in articles by Mevissen (2006) and Bühnemann (2006/2014). Pictures of the sculptures were partially published in works by Kooij and Mevissen. I will try to take photos of all the deities and look at them in greater details. Please let me know if you have any more information on them or if you would like to see the photos, if I manage to locate them!

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