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10 11 2015

Two later features may be noted

In the daily prayers the Gāyatrī is muttered as it is in the Ṛgveda. The
citation betrays sectarian need.

Many cults developed later. But modified use of the Gāyatrī did not take
place widely so that any generalization may be misleading. The Ṛgvedic
Gāyatrī is overwhelmingly more in use.



On Tue, Nov 10, 2015 at 8:20 AM, Harry Spier <hspier.muktabodha at gmail.com>

> I'm having finger trouble today.  I meant to ask since the Gayatri mantra
> from the Rg Veda, became so sacred I would have thought later gayatri
> mantras would have followed its form, but they didn't, they followed the
> form of  the later gayatri mantras from the  Taittiriya Aranyaka.
> .... vidmahe
> ....dhimahI
> ....pracodayAt
> Does any of the Sanskrit literature discuss this?
> Thanks,
> Harry Spier
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