[INDOLOGY] Sources for verses on fate/karma

Martin Gansten martin.gansten at pbhome.se
Sun May 24 07:22:35 UTC 2015

Balabhadra in the early 17th century quotes several verses on the topic 
of niyati/daiva and karma. I have found some of these in other works but 
not others, and even for the ones I have found, I suspect there are 
earlier or more common sources. Any help with attributing the following 
would be much appreciated:

1. Attributed to Śaunaka:

yena tu yat prāptavyaṃ tasya vidhānaṃ sureśasacivo ’pi |
yaḥ sākṣān niyatijñaḥ so ’pi na śakyo ’nyathā kartum || iti |

2. No attribution, but found (with variants) in Pañcadaśī 156 and 
Mahāsubhāṣitasaṃgraha 3283:

avaśyambhāvibhāvānāṃ pratīkāro bhaved yadi |
tadā duḥkhair na bādhyeran nalarāmayudhiṣṭhirāḥ ||

3. No attribution, but apparently popular -- found (with variants) in 
Nāradapurāṇa 1.31.69 and 2.29.18 and Mahāsubhāṣitasaṃgraha 3292 (also 
quoted in Āyurvedadīpikā and Satyaśāsanaparīkṣā); the question is what 
would be either the earliest source or the most common/typical one in 
the early 1600s:

nābhuktaṃ kṣīyate karma kalpakoṭiśatair api |
avaśyam eva bhoktavyaṃ kṛtaṃ karma śubhāśubham ||

4. Attributed simply to smṛti:

hanyate durbalaṃ daivaṃ pauruṣeṇa vipaścitā

Many thanks in advance!

Martin Gansten

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