[INDOLOGY] Does anyone know of Sanskrit works that use 2nd-syllable rhyming?

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Prof. Hauben,

I was away from the computer for a couple of days. Hence the delay in my

You said:

Re: the statement which you forwarded, apparently with approval. This is purely
hypothetical and beyond verification as the oldest text sufficiently attested
that uses and reflects on verse-meters, the Rgveda, is also permeated by
the knowledge and employment of "song-forms": saamans.

I am not able to identify my statement that I 'forwarded' with 'approval'.

Is it the following statement from Sri Naresh Keerthi? :

>*This feature of poetry seems to have eventually percolated into *recitative/performative forms that were half-way between poems and songs,
as well as into genres that were entirely song like.

If this is the one, I disagreed with the observation and said:

*Both first syllable and second syllable intraline rhymings are
features found in proverbs, riddles and other verbal folklore*

*forms functioning as auditory aesthetic forms serving as memorising
tools for the tradition-bearers of these oral traditions.*

*It is more reasonable to expect a sharing of this feature by the
native verse-meters and lyrical forms with the folklore forms or
diffusion of*

*these features from the verbal folklore forms and folk songs into
verse-meters rather than from verse-meters into song-forms.*

'verse-meters' here are not the Vaidika or loukika Samskrita meters but the
Dravidian verse-meters.

Relation between Veda mantra recitation in different styles such as pada,
ghana etc. and their singing in saaman style is a different story than the
verse-song relation in Dravidian native verbal lore.

recitation and singing styles of vedic hymns have a long tradition of oral

There is no such preserved memory of ancient verse-recitation/singing style
of ancient times in Dravidian verbal lore.



Prof.Nagaraj Paturi

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