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Just a few additional pointers closer to the field of Indology:
contributions to a panel on the reuse of texts in Indian Philosophy have
recently been published in the Journal of Indian Philosophy 43/2-3

Elisa Freschi's introduction is published Open Access and can be
downloaded here:

And while we're on the subject, the forthcoming issue 36-37 of the
Journal of the International Association of Buddhist Studies contains a
section on "Authors and Editors in the ­Literary ­Traditions of Asian
Buddhism", guest-edited by Cathy Cantwell, Jowita Kramer, Robert Mayer,
and Stefano Zacchetti. Several papers published in that section touch
upon issues of intertextuality and authorship.

With best wishes,

Birgit Kellner

Am 25.07.2015 um 22:45 schrieb Jonathan Silk:
> Dear Friends,
> In the hope of gaining something academically useful out of what
> otherwise might (have already) become a sort of mud slinging fight, I
> would like to mention the now increasingly well studied area of "text
> reuse." 
> Of course, this is in part behind the project of E. Prets, and it is
> conceptually behind plagiarism detection software etc., but it should be
> noted that there is considerable work being done with regard to
> Classical Studies, and to my knowledge (I'm not sure if this has been
> published yet) on Arabic World Histories. I myself am interested in this
> approach to what I see as the modularity of Buddhist scriptural
> literature, although the notion of modular composition is not exactly
> the same as text reuse as generally understood.
> For a general overview of 'historical text reuse', one might see as a
> start http://etrap.gcdh.de/?page_id=332
> I mean here only to point out an additional resource (not the website in
> particular, but the notion) to frame this discussion in what may be a
> helpful direction.
> Best, Jonathan
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