[INDOLOGY] Amartya Sen and Nalanda

Howard Resnick hr at ivs.edu
Tue Jul 14 07:29:39 UTC 2015

> "The issue of the spread of knowledge was raised in a conversation in the seventh century when Xuan Zang completed his studies and
> was considering going back to China. The professors at Nalanda asked Xuan Zang to stay on as a member of the faculty."
> The professors? The faculty? Completed his studies? Andrew would perhaps not characterize this as fantastic, but I think it fundamentally and entirely misrepresents the very nature of Nalanda, and plops it right down in the European context to which Sen wishes to equate the Indian institution.

Were there really no teachers, no formal studies at ancient Nalanda? 

Perhaps Jonathon could explain what was in fact going on there.


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