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> which is what the discussion initiated by Nagaraj Paturi was getting at

I do not want to take the credit for bringing 'Sanskritization' into
discussion. It goes to Prof. Artur Karp who responded to my post of
suggesting Marxist sources as useful for the researcher by saying

>Scores of publications on the processes related to Sanskritization. It
>would seem odd to designate the authors (such as M. N. Srinivas, Milton
>Singer, Yogendra Singh) as Marxists.

> The bibliography on Sanskritization /'Hinduization'/ 'Brahmanization' [as
of 2006] at:

I even clarified by saying :

>I did not name Professors MN Srinivas, Milton Singer etc. because the
>issues they were handling are the ones such as Sanskritization that are not
>relevant in the context of the present thread.

The researcher himself wanted to see if Kamakhya was a Sanskritized goddess
or was it the reverse processBut somehow many of the colleagues showed
interest in the word/concept which has many meanings today other than those
of MN Srinivas.

But that was an interesting and useful discussion.

I completely appreciate the efforts of Prof. George Hart in underlining the
complexity of the intercultural processes on ground in India that can not
be limited to the word/concept of Sanskritization.

At the same time , Prof. Tim Lubin's balancing observation :

>And strictly speaking, though the use of obvious tatsamas can be avoided,
it is >hardly possible to speak Tamil without using words that originated as
> Indo-Aryan loans (e.g., from Prakrit).

was timely.

Good discussion.


Prof.Nagaraj Paturi

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