[INDOLOGY] Religious Literature with Political Purposes

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Should be relevant :

Sontheimer G.D.*‘The Vana and the K**ṣ**etra**: The Tribal Background of
Some Famous Cults’, in Tripathi G.C., Kulke H. , eds, Eschmann Memorial
Lectures, Bhubaneswar, 1987*

Chattopadhyaya B.D.*‘Autonomous Spaces and the Authority of the State: The
Contradiction and its Resolution in Theory and Practice in Early India’, in
Kolver Bernhard, von Elisabeth Muller-Kuckner unter Mitarbeit , eds, The
State, the Law and Administration in Classical India, Munchen, 1997*

Chattopadhyaya B.D.*‘State’s Perception of the Forest and the Forest as
State in Early India’, in Chaudhuri B.B., Bandopadhyay A. , eds, Tribes,
Forests and Social Formations, New Delhi, 2004*

Durga P.S. Kanaka, Reddy Y.A.S.*‘Kings, Temples and Legitimation of
Autochthonous Communities: A Case Study of a South Indian Temple’, JESHO,
Vol. 35(2), 1992*

Kulke H.*Kings and Cults: State Formation and Legitimation in South and
Southeast Asia, New Delhi, 1993.*

Prof.Nagaraj Paturi

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