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Dear Indologists,

In H. P. Sastri's English translation of Anandabhatta's Vallalacarita added to GRETIL by Reinhold  Gruenendahl, on pp. 3-4, we find the following sentence. (See

"The ninedistinguishing criteria of kula of the Kulinas are achára (cleanliness of conduct), vinaya(discipline), vidyá (learning), pratisthá (social position). tirthadarsana (pilgrimage), nishta(following the preceptsof the Shastras), avritti (giving and takinggirls to and from families of equal rank), tapa (austerities),and dána (gifts)."

I am interested in learning for how long the meaning 'giving and taking girls to and from families of equal rank' is associated with 'avritti'. Also is this concept of avritti considered an essential component of describing the lineage of brahmins and for how long?

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