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How about the photo on p. 165 of The Home of the Dancing Śivaṉ by Paul Younger, OUP, New york, 1995?


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Dear Scholars, 
I am wondering if anyone would happen to have a high-resolution photo of the (solo) Patañjali image from Chidambaram that they would be willing to allow me to use for a book chapter on the use of the icon in modern yoga--or have access to one in the public domain that I could use. Of the two images I had planned to use, one is unfortunately not of high enough resolution, and the other I've been unable to secure permission to use (from J.F. Staal's _Reader in the Sanskrit Grammarians_) from the Archeological Survey of India, who holds the copyright.  
The publisher and editors are eager to move forward, so any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated! 
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