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Buongiorno Paolo,
I thought exactly the same as Dipak, but was waiting for the opinion of people more learned than myself to see what they said. 
A very 'chinese whispers' and literary translation + anthropological connection with morning prayer?
best regards to all,
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 23 1 15A distant reflection of RV 3.62.10 : 'I meditate upon thatadorable brilliance of the Begetter who may inspire our thoughts' ?BestDB
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  Dear Colleagues,
 in his “Meditaciones del Quixote”, Ortega y Gasset says: “… a la mañana, cuando me levanto, recito una brevísima plegaria, vieja de miles de años, un versillo del Rig-
 Veda, que contiene estas pocas palabras aladas: « ¡Señor, despiértanos alegres y danos conocimiento!». Preparado así me interno en las horas luminosas o dolientes que trae el día”. [“…when I get up in the morning, I recite a very brief prayer, thousands of years old, a verse from the Rig Veda, which contains these few winged words: «Lord, awaken us in a happy mood, and give us knowledge!». Thus prepared, I go through the bright or gloomy hours that come with the day” (Transl. E. Rugg and D. Marín)].
 Can anyone guess what the verse in question might be?
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