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The Hague, 18 February 2015.

Dear list members,

A history student from Delhi (JNU) presently in Leiden is writing a paper on vāstuśāstras as a source of historical studies. I want her at least to know of the ideas such as expressed by Vincent Lefèvre, in his book Commanditaires & artistes en Indu du Sud. Des Pallava aux Nāyak (VI-XVIII siècle). Paris 2006, pp. 95-107 regarding the practical use (or rather, the absence of that) of such texts for the artisans and craftsmen: Briefly, the texts were mainly concerned with rituals; whatever practical information on construction etc. which is there, is there as a by-product of the ritual interest. If artisans refer to these texts they do so to enhance their status.

Unfortunately, the student does not read French. I hope that some of the members of this list are able to suggests some publications in English which deal with these matters.

With kind regards, Herman Tieken

Herman Tieken
University of Leiden
The Netherlands
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