[INDOLOGY] Rudraṭa’s Kāvyālaṃkāra in Adyar Library Bulletin 62, 1998, pp. 99-107

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Thu Feb 5 14:47:57 UTC 2015

Dear List,

I would like to confront the interpretation of C. Rajendran
“Caturaṅga movements described in Rudraṭa’s Kāvyālaṃkāra”, Adyar Library Bulletin 62 (1998), pp. 99-107 
with the explanation of the same passage (*) by H. Jacobi,   
“Ueber zwei ältere Erwähnungen des Schachspiels in der Sanskrit-Litteratur”,  Zeitschrift der Deutschen Morgenländischen Gesellschaft 50 (1896), pp. 227-233 (cf. Kleine Schriften, éd. Bernhard Kölver,Wiesbaden : Steiner, 1970, t. 1, pp. 540-546)

However, even C. Rajendran himself is unable to provide me with a (.pdf) copy of  his article. 
Would it be possible that someone has a scan of this Adyar Library Bulletin article (that I should also forward to his author).
Thank you in advance,

Best wishes,

Christophe Vielle

(*) See the 1886 ed. Kavya Mala Series vol. 2
Christophe Vielle

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