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Jean-Luc Chevillard jean-luc.chevillard at univ-paris-diderot.fr
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Dear Manu, dear Tim,

Could it be a price in rīṅkiṭ?

The symbol resembles the one provided by Dr JayBee (from Malysia) on:

I arrived to this page, starting from this document (prepared by Dr 
Shriramana Sharma):

Best wishes

-- Jean-Luc (Paris)




On 17/04/2015 14:04, Lubin, Tim wrote:
> P.S., I should add that Reinhold Grünendahl gives a similar, even larger list on pp. 52–54 of his wonderful volume, South Indian Scripts in Sanskrit Manuscripts and Prints (Harrassowitz, 2001).  But I still do not see your symbol.
> Tim
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> Manu,
> Pope’s Tamil Hand-Book (2nd ed., 1859), p. 18, gives a useful list of such symbols used in “Cutchery Tamil” of the colonial period, but I do not find your symbol among them.  I attach the relevant page.
> Best,
> Tim
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> Subject: [INDOLOGY] Tamil currency symbol
> Dear Colleagues,
> In one of the Tamil manuscripts I am working on, I have found the mention of a price.
> This currency is expressed by a symbol (see attached images).
> I guess this symbol means "rupee", but I am not sure.
> Has any of you ever seen such a symbol?
> Or could direct me towards any source illustrating currency symbols used in Tamil and/or Indian manuscripts/inscriptions?
> With many thanks in advance.
> --
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