[INDOLOGY] Tukaram and the name Tuka

Richard Salomon rsalomon at u.washington.edu
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This is just a long shot, but could "Tuka" be somehow connected to 
"Turus.ka," which is variously used in Sanskrit to refer to Central 
Asians ("Turks," "Tocharians") or (later) to Muslims in general? At 
least it's in the right general geographical zone ("Tajika").

Rich Salomon

On 4/4/2015 1:13 AM, Martin Gansten wrote:
> In my researches into Tājika or Sanskritized Perso-Arabic astrology I've
> come across the name of an author not mentioned in any of David
> Pingree's works, a Tuka Jyotirvid. I'd never heard the name Tuka before
> and was wondering whether it could possibly be a Sanskrit version of a
> Persian name; but that seems unlikely, given that Tuka Jyotirvid wrote a
> work in Sanskrit verse. Then I thought of Sant Tukārām, whose name I
> presume is a compound (of either tukā + rāma or tuka + ārāma). I'd be
> glad of any information on the first member of this name: geographical
> and linguistic origins, meaning, caste or other social/religious
> connotations, etc. Above all, are people still called Tuk(a)/Tukā, or do
> we at least know of any historical person by that or a similar name
> other than Tukārām?
> Many thanks in advance, and apologies for cross-posting.
> Martin Gansten
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