[INDOLOGY] Vasanta Tryambaka Śevaḍe and Brahmānanda Tripāṭhī

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Dear List members,

I am gleaning information on these two Sanskrit writers.

Vasanta Tryambaka Śevaḍe (1917 - )

Brahmānanda Tripāṭhī (1932 - )

Vasanta Śevaḍe is a commentator and a poet who has written a few mahākāvyas, while Brahmānanda Tripāṭhī has edited a number of works by Śevaḍe. I do not know if Śevaḍe is still with us but I believe that some of you might know more about Brahmānanda Tripāṭhī than what the Internet tells us. I will be very much thankful if anybody could let me know any piece of information regarding them, their disciples/ successors or relatives.

Thank you very much in advance.

Best Wishes,
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