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The following is not in dispute with any of the Vedic cultural implications
of various kinds of Manas and the related significance of the microfilms.

This is limited only to the word 'mana' , its etymology as a Dravidian

DED entry from he online DED is as follows:

4776 Ta. maṉai

4776 *Ta. maṉai* house, dwelling, mansion, house-site, a land measure,
wife, family, household, domestic life; *maṉaiyāḷ, maṉaiyōḷ* wife; *maṉaivi*
wife, heroine of a pastoral or agricultural tract, female owner or resident
of a house. *Ma. mana* house; brahman's wife. *Ko. mantanm* affairs of
household; *man devr* household god. *To. man* family, household. *Ka. mane*
habitation, abode, house, apartment, room; *manetana, mantana* household,
household life; *manetanasta* householder, a worthy, honourable man. *Koḍ.
mane* house; *maneka·rë* man of a house. *Tu. manè* house, home; *manetana*
household. *Konḍa poṇḍeŋ mane* cowshed (cf. 4500). Cf. 4778 Ta. *maṉṉu.*
DED(S) 3911.

This entry does not mention the Telugu verb manu = to live, to survive .

 Kannada mane and Malayaalam manaTamil mania etc. seem to be related to
this root  manu= to live.

Prof.Nagaraj Paturi

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