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Dear Prof. Varakhedi,

thanks for your positive feedback, great to hear it’s useful.

Concerning the next digitizations, I am planning to work my way through the scans found at

The most time consuming part is transforming the pdfs back into image files. Therefore, it may take some time to process these data.

In case you or other members of the list are interested, we may consider feeding other scanned books into the database. What I need for this are scanned images of single pages (grey, binary) in decent quality; the height of a single a should be 30-50 pixels in this case.

Best wishes, Oliver

PD Dr. Oliver Hellwig
SFB 991, University of Düsseldorf

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Dear Dr. Oliver Hellwig,

Excellent resource!!! This resource created by you is a great support to the world of linguists. Thank you so much. 

Can you please give an exhaustive list of works you are planning to add, so that others can avoid duplication or can share resources they got. 

With best regards

Shrinivasa Varakhedi 
Vice Chancellor i/c
Professor and Dean 
Karnataka Sanskrit University 
Bangalore 18 


On Nov 3, 2014, at 0:09, <hellwig7 at gmx.de> wrote:

  Dear list,

  a new resource for searching - partly undigitized - Sanskrit books is available at

  The website gives you access to a database of Sanskrit books that have been digitized WITHOUT manual correction. This is the very first release, and I'm planning to increase the database with scanned texts that are freely available in the web.
  To search the database, enter a word in simplified Harvard-Kyoto in the search field (e.g., narmada or sarasvati*), and press the button 'Search'. Enter does not work at the moment. More details about the input conventions are available when you press the help button on the website. The rest of the website should be self explanatory.

  Best wishes, Oliver

  PD Dr. Oliver Hellwig
  SFB 991, University of Düsseldorf
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