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Walser, Joseph Joseph.Walser at tufts.edu
Tue May 20 16:35:45 UTC 2014

I have been trying to find a photograph or a rubbing of an "inscription on the base of a bodhisattva," from Mathura (Luders list, #88). I found a rubbing of it in Growse 1880 version of Mathura, but only the first part of the inscription appears there. The second part of the inscription ( reading: ".nena Bo[dh]isat[v]o p[r]atis[th]apito ma[ta] pitihi sa]ha") was published by Banerji in EI vol. 10, p. 109. There is supposed to be a "plate I" with the inscription on it, but it is not in the version of Epigraphia Indica that I downloaded from DLI. I need to see the inscription itself. Does anyone have a PDF of the inscription or know where I can find this second part?


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