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Veeranarayana Pandurangi veerankp at gmail.com
Sun May 18 08:54:18 UTC 2014

Dear list members

I dont understand the hues and cries in this list which is mainly a forum
for indology on availability of hitlars book on MLBD.

Off course I am neither against your decision to cut ties with MLBD  (it is
your decision anyway) nor a fan of hitler.
hitler has nothing to do in india. there are more national heroes in india
to follow.

this book is available virtuallly in every nook and corner of the world,
freely on WWW http://www.angelfire.com/folk/bigbaldbob88/MeinKampf.pdf,
even on amzon

all these editions must be pirated one as it is still in copyright.

what is the crime of MLBD if it publishes it for scholarly use just like it
is sold on many booksellers cited above.

more over MLBD is free institute to publish anything they want. there is no
need of justification. this book is not banned even in Germany  according
to http://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-17837325  Mein Kampf: Bavaria plans
first German publication since WWII.

"The book is not banned by law in Germany, but Bavaria has used ownership
of the copyright to prevent publication of German editions since 1945."

On Sun, May 18, 2014 at 3:45 AM, Jan E.M. Houben <jemhouben at gmail.com>wrote:

> MLBD and its "New Age" wing should withdraw the book OR be boycotted by
> authors, readers and conferences.
> A longer description is found on:
> http://www.mlbd.com/BookDecription.aspx?id=18815
> where we also learn that the book is in English (no translator's name is
> given), that its Territory is "Available For Sale Worldwide", and that the
> book "will give you an insight into one of the greatest evil geniuses of
> the last century".
> "About the book" contains no justification (attempt) why a scientific
> indological or new age publisher should publish this book.
> Jan Houben
> On 16 May 2014 15:40, <jacob at fabularasa.dk> wrote:
>> New Age Books is an associate of Motilal Banarsidass (
>> mlbd.com/contactus.aspx). The website of the former (newagebooksindia.com)
>> leads directly to the website of the latter (mlbd.com).
>> Best,
>> Jacob
>> Toke Knudsen skrev den 2014-05-16 15:30:
>>  Looking up the ISBN number of the book, it appears that it was
>>> published by New Age Books on 1/1/2014; see
>>> <http://www.lookupbyisbn.com/Search/Book/978-81-7822-464-0/1>.
>>> All best,
>>> Toke
>>> On May 16, 2014, at 9:17 AM, Matthew Kapstein <mkapstei at uchicago.edu>
>>> wrote:
>>>  Pirated or not, Mein Kampf has been a regular fixture of street-corner
>>>> and railway station booksellers in India for decades. I recall it all over
>>>> the place even during my first visit to India in 1970. What is surprising is
>>>> to see a "respectable" publisher dealing with it. This is why I wanted
>>>> to know whether MLBD has
>>>> actually published it, or whether it appears only in their distribution
>>>> list. In the latter case, higher
>>>> management might not be at all responsible, though this would certainly
>>>> be a great oversight
>>>> on their part.
>>>> In any case, it seems to me to be necessary to determine just what MLBD
>>>> is doing with this, and
>>>> then to make known to them that the Indological community (many of us
>>>> at least) consider this
>>>> to be unacceptable and that we will recommend that our libraries stop
>>>> dealing with them if
>>>> they are indeed committed to publishiing or distributing this
>>>> particular item. I imagine that
>>>> such a move would get their attention in a hurry.
>>>> And, if they have indeed published it, I think we should insist very
>>>> publically (e.g. in an op ed in
>>>> The Times of India or The Hindu) that they have the thing "pulped."
>>>> There's not much we can do about the fly-by-night publishers, but MLBD
>>>> should know better.
>>>> best to all,
>>>> Matthew
>>>> Matthew Kapstein
>>>> Directeur d'études,
>>>> Ecole Pratique des Hautes Etudes
>>>> Numata Visiting Professor of Buddhist Studies,
>>>> The University of Chicago
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