[INDOLOGY] Vedas: Divisions, Dating and Language

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I don't know if it will meet your needs, but there is some material on this
by Witzel and by Witzel and Jamieson, at http://indology.info/papers/


On 13 May 2014 05:22, Shyam Ranganathan <shyamr at yorku.ca> wrote:

> Dear Indology List members,
> I appreciate that this may seem a basic question. It's so basic, I don't
> have any fantastic references!
> I was hoping for references to authoritative accounts of the division of
> the Vedas into versions (Rg, Yajur etc.,), parts (Mantra, Brahmana etc.)
>  and dates in English.
> I was also interested in linguistic accounts of the Vedas that might
> distinguish the earlier and later Vedas on linguistic lines.
> All help is most appreciated!
> Gratefully yours,
> Shyam
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