[INDOLOGY] Vedas: Divisions, Dating and Language

Shyam Ranganathan shyamr at yorku.ca
Tue May 13 03:22:21 UTC 2014

Dear Indology List members,

I appreciate that this may seem a basic question. It's so basic, I don't 
have any fantastic references!

I was hoping for references to authoritative accounts of the division of 
the Vedas into versions (Rg, Yajur etc.,), parts (Mantra, Brahmana 
etc.)  and dates in English.

I was also interested in linguistic accounts of the Vedas that might 
distinguish the earlier and later Vedas on linguistic lines.

All help is most appreciated!

Gratefully yours,

Shyam Ranganathan, MA, MA, PhD
Department of Philosophy
Department of Social Science, South Asian Studies
York University, Toronto

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