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*vāram *recitation refers to the recitation of mantras by multiple people
in turns. *vāra-, *perhaps derived from √vr̥- also has the meanings of 'day
of the week' (turn of the day?), again and again (*vāraṁ-vāraṁ,
vāra**ṁ** vāreṇa)
and occasion *(related to Hindi* bār-, bāri* 'turn' [CDIAL

Interestingly, Dravidian *cāri/s**āri *[DEDR
shows similar semantics of turn, time, occasion etc., although, I don't
believe these two words are related.

Atlanta, GA.

On Sun, Mar 30, 2014 at 11:22 AM, <palaniappa at aol.com> wrote:

> Michael,
>  I am intrigued by the term '*vāram* recitation'. Can you describe this
> mode of recitation? In the Cilappatikāram, the term '*vāram pāṭal*',
> i.e., singing *vāram *is used. It is also mentioned in Tolkāppiyam
> Poruḷatikāram 653. V. P. K. Sundaram, the late musicologist, explains
> *vāram* as two *akṣara*s per unit time. I am curious how the term is used
> in the context of Vedic recitation.
>  Thanks
>  Regards,
> Palaniappan

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