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I am intrigued by the term 'vāram recitation'. Can you describe this mode of recitation? In the Cilappatikāram, the term 'vāram pāṭal', i.e., singing vāram is used. It is also mentioned in Tolkāppiyam Poruḷatikāram 653. V. P. K. Sundaram, the late musicologist, explains vāram as two akṣaras per unit time. I am curious how the term is used in the context of Vedic recitation.



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Dear All,

from Jan.7- 10, the 6th International Vedic Workshop took place at Kozhikode (Calicut), Kerala. It was excellently organized by the local committee.

This was followed by a tour to Nambudiri Brahmin villages in Central Kerala, where the three Vedas are taught and elaborate Shrauta rituals are performed still.
Both a great and pleasurable experiences! Here my report:




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