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The English Wikipedia can be as misinformative as that in any other
language. The free access to edit gives undue advantage to unscrupulous
intruders. This is common in the English Wik. I had to correct some
slanderous information. I admit, however, that it is very useful and has
shown the way to many. With some monitoring it would be greater.



On Thu, Jan 30, 2014 at 10:52 PM, Robert Zydenbos
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> Jean-Luc Chevillard wrote:
>  I have occasionally contributed to the Tamil Wikipedia (and to other
>> Wikipedias), although not frequently.
> Good! And I have written in the Kannada and Sanskrit Wikipedias.
> elisa freschi wrote:
>  [...] I never contributed to the Italian, French or German
>> Indological sections of Wikipedia. Why so? Because they are much
>> worse, as far as I can judge, than the English version and because I
>> see no point in scattering energies through many Wikis. [...]
> Don't be too sure about that! Several times I have noticed that the
> non-English Wikipedias provide useful information that is not found in the
> English one. European ideo-diversity is real, and it is enriching.
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