[INDOLOGY] visualisation of the Buddha

Dipak Durgamohan Bhattacharya dipak.d2004 at gmail.com
Wed Jan 22 11:41:20 UTC 2014

Dear and esteemed Professor Gombrich,
Your observation is perfectly true in secular context. But would you not
agree that a mystic visualizing is different from the secular visualizing
of a living being and that Professor Hegarty's question places the former
in context?
Best wishes and regards
Dipak Bhattacharya

On Wed, Jan 22, 2014 at 3:58 PM, richard gombrich
<richardgombrich at mac.com>wrote:

> I am baffled by Prof. Bhattacharya's remarks. I am completely able to
> visualise my wife in her absence. This does not  mean that I have more than
> one wife.
> I would really urge people to read the Sutta-nipāta text to which I gave
> the reference.
> Richard Gombrich
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