[INDOLOGY] 150th Birth Anniversary of Moriz Winternitz (2013-2014)!

Richard Salomon rsalomon at u.washington.edu
Mon Jan 13 22:46:43 UTC 2014

I would like to add my name to the list of admirers of Moritz 
Winternitz. In reviewing some years ago his Kleine Schriften (ed. H. 
Brinkhaus; JAOS 114 (1994): 117-8) I came to be aware of his enlightened 
attitudes (he was, for example, said to have been an early champion of 
the rights of women) as well as his amazing erudition. I hope that a 
suitable celebration can be arranged.

Rich Salomon

On 1/10/2014 8:27 PM, Dr. Debabrata Chakrabarti wrote:
> Dear List Members,
>                      Moriz Winternitz (1863-1937)
> I would like to inform the list members that this year marks the 150th
> birth anniversary of Moriz Winternitz. Winternitz was born at Horn in
> Lower Austria on 23rd December 1863. An avid German Indologist he was a
> professor of Indology and Ethnology at the Charles University of Prague.
> He is known to us not only that he authored the three volume History of
> Indian Literature, but that he was the second visiting professor at
> Santiniketan (1922-23) and importantly, a great friend of Rabindranath.
> He wrote a book on Tagore's Religion and World Vision.
> His birth anniversary is going to be celebrated this year in his
> hometown Horn. I went there in 2011 to discover in this small town a
> closed down Jewish Cemetery (Winternitz was a Jew), where I had the
> opportunity to identify Winternitz’s parents’ graves. After this the
> town authority renovated the cemetery, and planned to set up a stone
> plaque in their museum which was formerly the school where Winternitz
> read in.
> I also spoke to our Indian Ambassador in Prague last November 2013 in
> Prague, who also promised to celebrate his birth anniversary.
> The Asiatic Society, Kolkata is supposed to arrange a lecture on him
> very soon.
> I wonder if any institution or groups decide celebrating his 150th birth
> anniversary any time during 2013-2014.
> Regards
> Debabrata Chakrabarti
>     For his biography see:
>     http://www.grieb.org/debu/download/M_Winternitz.pdf
>     Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Moriz_Winternitz
>     For his books see my website: www.grieb.org/debu
>     <http://www.grieb.org/debu>
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