[INDOLOGY] Please Read: 150th Birth Anniversary of Moriz Winternitz!

Dr. Debabrata Chakrabarti dchakra at hotmail.de
Mon Jan 13 18:13:33 UTC 2014

Dear List members,

I have been encouraged by a
few Indologists of the circle since they have responded to my appeal of
celebrating the 150th Birth Anniversary of Moriz Winternitz during
the time between 2013-2014 (since Winternitz was born on 23 December 1863). I
also submitted my website (www.grieb.org/debu) where
I attached a pdf file of Moriz Winternitz’s biography written by his son Georg (originally
in German, but this is an English translation of the original, done by this
letter writer).

C.A. Formigatti   has kindly referred to the following book on Moriz Winternitz
(which I have already read; it is indeed worth reading)

Carl Cappeller - Moriz
Winternitz - Theodor Zachariae

Drei Biographien berühmter Indologen  Von
Margot Kraatz und Martin Kraatz,  
München 2010, Indologica Marpurgensia, Band II, P. Kirchheim Verlag, Broschur,
viii, 146 S. - ISBN: 978-3-87410-141-7 -Preis: EUR 29,80

would like to inform all my colleagues that a translation of Moriz Winternitz’s
book: Rabindranath Tagore – The Poet’s Religion and
World Vision ISBN 978-81-8465-628-2 has been published in 2011 from Calcutta. This is an
English translation of the German original. I have attached a synopsis of the
book here.

would like to inform all my friends that the Charles University of Prague is
going to publish a book The Scholar as Seer - Moriz Winternitz and East West Dialogue in 2014 authored
by this letter writer.


Debabrata Chakrabarti 

“This body
is like a musical instrument; what you hear depends upon how you play it.” –
Anandamayi Ma 

every human being there exists a special heaven, whole and unbroken.” -


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