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I was out of town when I first saw your message. I have now found a copy of the book in my personal library. I will scan it tomorrow or Sunday and email the pdf to you.


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> On 26 Dec  2014, at 07:02, Rohana Seneviratne <rohana.seneviratne at> wrote:
> Dear List,
> I am looking for the Dharmānubandhiślokacaturdaśī by Śeṣakṛṣṇa, which was published in 1927 as the No. 22 under the Princess of Wales Sarasavati Bhavana series. The usual places we find such texts do not seem to have it. I will be very much grateful if anybody would like to share with me a PDF of it. 
> Thank you very much in advance. 
> Best Wishes,
> Rohana
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