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Dear Paolo,

The Kularnava Tantra is online as a searchable etext on the Muktabodha
Indological Research Institutes website at:

There are instructions in the digital library to search throughout the
collection of tantric texts for passages.  I did a search on zrutyukt and
found references to the sloka in :
kulamuktikallolinI by navamisiMha
something similar in tantracintAmaNi also by navamisiMha
in purazcarvarNava Vol. 1
something similar in brhattantrasAra

Harry Spier
Manager, Muktabodha Digital Library

On Thu, Dec 4, 2014 at 12:57 PM, Paolo Magnone <paolo.magnone at unicatt.it>

>  Dear colleagues,
> At p. 42 of his* _Introduction to Tantraśāstra*_  as well as at p. 36 of
> his _*Principles of Tantra*_  Woodroffe/Avalon has the Kulārṇava Tantra
> say that “for each age (yuga) a suitable Śāstra is given — namely, in
> Satyayuga, Śruti; in Tretā, Smṛti; in Dvāpara, the Purāṇas; and in the Kali
> age the Tantra”, and even quotes in a footnote the following śloka:
> *kṛte śrutyukta ācāras tretāyāṃ smṛtisambhavaḥ*
> *dvāpare tu purāṇoktaṃ kalau āgamakevalam*
> without, however, giving a reference. I don’t know of any searchable
> digital text of the Kulārṇava Tantra, so I have tried to spot the passage
> by leafing through the digital edition in Bengali script by Upendrakumāra
> Dāsa which is available in the Internet Archive, without success.
> Woodroffe further points to the first *ullāsa *of the Mahānirvāṇa Tantra,
> as well to the Kubjīka Tantra (likewise without reference) for a similar
> allocation of the scriptures to each of the four ages.
> Would any *tāntrika *on the list be in measure to identify the passage,
> or point out similar passages in other tantric works?
> Thank you,
> Paolo Magnone
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