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Dear colleagues,

At p. 42 of his/_Introduction to Tantraśāstra/_  as well as at p. 36 of 
his _/Principles of Tantra/_  Woodroffe/Avalon has the Kulārṇava Tantra 
say that “for each age (yuga) a suitable Śāstra is given — namely, in 
Satyayuga, Śruti; in Tretā, Smṛti; in Dvāpara, the Purāṇas; and in the 
Kali age the Tantra”, and even quotes in a footnote the following śloka:

/kṛte śrutyukta ācāras tretāyāṃ smṛtisambhavaḥ//
//dvāpare tu purāṇoktaṃ kalau āgamakevalam/

without, however, giving a reference. I don’t know of any searchable 
digital text of the Kulārṇava Tantra, so I have tried to spot the 
passage by leafing through the digital edition in Bengali script by 
Upendrakumāra Dāsa which is available in the Internet Archive, without 

Woodroffe further points to the first /ullāsa /of the Mahānirvāṇa 
Tantra, as well to the Kubjīka Tantra (likewise without reference) for a 
similar allocation of the scriptures to each of the four ages.

Would any /tāntrika /on the list be in measure to identify the passage, 
or point out similar passages in other tantric works?

Thank you,
Paolo Magnone

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