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Dear Nagaraj,

Volume 1 of Ludwik Sternbach's "The Kāvya-portions in the 
Kathā-literature" contains an overview of all the verses in the 
Pañcatantra and their possible sources.


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Nagaraj Paturi skrev den 2014-12-01 02:18:
> Is there any work on verse portions of Panchatantra ?
> Thanks in advance for any leads.
> Context:
>> My father Late Sri Sitaramanjaneyulu Paturi (1928- 2007) compiled in
>> 2005, a book called "VishNus'armakrtA AryAnItisaptatih", by
>> collecting verses in AryA meter from VishNus'arma's Panchatantra .
>> In his introduction to this book he wrote ,
>> " Some 48 years ago, (around 1957), I was going through the verses
>> in Panchatantra. Found them to be in different meters and different
>> styles. Some of them were found to be traditional muktaka type
>> verses. Some others were found quoted from S'Astra granthas,
>> Dharmas'Astra and nItis'Astra books. Meanwhile I noticed a few
>> verses in AryA meter all in almost the same style,two in the
>> beginning of the book, a few in aparIkshitakAraka all in one place
>> and some more scattered at different places in between these two
>> locations. The style of conveying the message of nIti in all these
>> AryA meters was also found to be interestingly uniform.
>> .............
>> They are 81 in all. 6 of them are found each twice. Two are
>> mentioned as 'uktam cha varAhamihirENa'. One is from the das'akam
>> called 'arhapaddhatih' from the nItis'atakam of Bhartrhari, 1& 2 are
>> mangalas'loka and introductory s'loka placed in the beginning of
>> Panchatantra. Subtracting these 9, the remaining s'lokas turn out to
>> be 70.
>> I developed a feeling that all these 70 must be VishNus'arma's own
>> compositions. It is also possible that he composed a book of 70
>> nItis'lokas before composing Panchatantra and embedded different
>> verses of that work of his own at suitable places in the book
>> Panchatantra.”
> In his Telugu notes in the introduction of this book with Telugu
> commentary to these 70 s'lokas, he brought out many grammatical,
> astronomical/astrological, sociological issues of interest from these
> 70 s'lokas.
> I am working towards the the English translation of this Telugu work.
> Thanks.
> Nagaraj
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