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Is there any work on verse portions of Panchatantra ?

Thanks in advance for any leads.


My father Late Sri Sitaramanjaneyulu Paturi (1928- 2007) compiled in 2005,
a book called "VishNus'armakrtA AryAnItisaptatih", by collecting verses in
AryA meter from VishNus'arma's Panchatantra .

In his introduction to this book he wrote ,

 " Some 48 years ago, (around 1957), I was going through the verses in
Panchatantra. Found them to be in different meters and different styles.
Some of them were found to be traditional muktaka type verses. Some others
were found quoted from S'Astra granthas, Dharmas'Astra and nItis'Astra
books. Meanwhile I noticed a few verses in AryA meter all in almost the
same style,two in the beginning of the book, a few in aparIkshitakAraka all
in one place and some more scattered at different places in between these
two locations. The style of conveying the message of nIti in all these AryA
meters was also found to be interestingly uniform.


They are 81 in all. 6 of them are found each twice. Two are mentioned as
'uktam cha varAhamihirENa'. One is from the das'akam called 'arhapaddhatih'
from the nItis'atakam of Bhartrhari, 1& 2 are mangalas'loka and
introductory s'loka placed in the beginning of Panchatantra. Subtracting
these 9, the remaining s'lokas turn out to be 70.

I developed a feeling that all these 70 must be VishNus'arma's own
compositions. It is also possible that he composed a book of 70 nItis'lokas
before composing Panchatantra and embedded different verses of that work of
his own at suitable places in the book Panchatantra.”

In his Telugu notes in the introduction of this book with Telugu commentary
to these 70 s'lokas, he brought out many grammatical,
astronomical/astrological, sociological issues of interest from these 70

I am working towards the the English translation of this Telugu work.




Prof.Nagaraj Paturi

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