[INDOLOGY] The Longevity of Crows

Luis Gonzalez-Reimann reimann at berkeley.edu
Thu Aug 21 01:25:17 UTC 2014

Dear list,

I'm posting this on behalf of Robert Goldman, who has been having 
trouble sending messages to the list.

Has someone ever come across any references to crows being, if not 
immortal, then very long lived and not dying of disease or other natural 

At /Rām/. 7.18. 23–25 Dharma (Yama) who had hidden from Rāvaṇa by taking 
the form of a crow, blesses the bird as follows.

“Then, O Rāma, King Dharma addressed that crow, which now was perched on 
the beam of the eastern sacrificial hall: ‘O bird, I am pleased with 
you. Now hear my words of gratitude. Since I am pleased, those various 
ailments with which I afflict other creatures shall have no power over 
you. Of this there can be no doubt. ‘Through my boon, O sky-going bird, 
you shall have no fear of death. Indeed, so long as men do not kill you, 
you shall live forever."

We haven't been able to locate any other literary or folkloric source 
for this.

Thanks for any replies.

Dr. R. P.  Goldman
Catherine and William L. Magistretti Distinguished Professor in South 
and Southeast Asian Studies
Department of South and Southeast Asian Studies MC # 2540
The University of California at Berkeley

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